Emergency Preparedness

This Is How Much Water You Should Keep In Your Car

Explore the reasons why having a water supply in your car can be a lifesaver and how much water to store based on various travel scenarios. Learn the importance of hydration during emergencies and how to balance preparedness with convenience. This comprehensive guide will help you ensure you're equipped to handle any situation on the road.

10 Ways to Keep Your Fridge Cold During a Power Outage

From insulation and frozen jugs to generators and whole-house solutions, we have 10 different ways you can keep your fridge cold without power. Prepare for emergencies and save your food with these practical and budget-friendly methods.

Should Your Bugout Bag Have a Tent or Tarp? Here’s How to Decide

Looking for the ideal bugout bag shelter? Discover the pros and cons of tents and tarps, compare costs and features, and find expert recommendations to make the best choice for your emergency preparedness plan.
A Packed Bugout Bag

The Bug Out Roll: Should it Replace Your Bug Out Bag?

Ever heard of a bug out roll? It's a cool way to organize your survival gear for emergencies! Made with strong materials, it helps keep your important items safe and easy to find. This article talks about the different styles, what you can put in it, and the best ways to use it. Curious? Read on!
A Large Water Bottle on Grass

Storing Water for Emergencies: How Long Can You Safely Store Water?

Want to store water for emergencies but not sure how? Curious about bottled water or freezing water for storage? Learn the right way to store water long-term, which containers to use, and how to keep it tasting fresh. Discover how to sanitize containers and where to store them safely.