Food Preservation

Homemade, fresh pasta is easy to dry and store, and tastes better than commercial pasta products

How to Dry Fresh Pasta in a Dehydrator For Long-term Storage

One way to prepare for rising food prices is to learn how to dry and store your own pasta. With a dehydrator, you can make your own dry pasta at home, which will last for months or even years. This way, you can be sure that you'll always have access to this essential food, no matter what happens to the price.
Jars of freeze dried vegetables

Freeze Drying Food for Storage: Is It Better than Dehydrating?

Do you know the difference between freeze-drying and dehydrating food? Which method is healthier or tastier? Did you know freeze-drying is more expensive but can save space at home? Find out all about these cool ways to preserve food and decide which one is best for your kitchen adventures!
Homemade yogurt made with yogurt maker

Best Yogurt Maker for Beginners (with Real-World Experience)

Are you curious about making yogurt at home but worried about doing it right? Discover the best beginner-friendly yogurt makers that are easy to use and deliver tasty results! From no-power options to all-in-one machines, find the perfect yogurt maker for your needs. Ready to start your yogurt-making adventure? Let's dive in!
A bowl of homemade yogurt.

Making your own yogurt at home: How safe is it?

Want to make yogurt at home safely? This article shares tips on how to create delicious yogurt while keeping things clean and safe. Discover the secrets behind yogurt making, from choosing the right milk to using a safe starter. Ready to become a yogurt master? Dive in and learn how to enjoy your homemade treat!